Playonlinux: Steam (content servers unreachable) and fixing Mirrors edge resolution issue

Content servers are unreachable

So while I was trying to install a game Mirrors edge on a steam client I was running using  the PlayonLinux application I came across an annoying error message:

An error occurred while installing Mirrors Edge (content servers are unreachable)

turns out that a reference to the content servers was missing in the config file (config.vdf).

The following are the steps needed to resolve this:

  1. Install a native Steam client (the official way) onto your system if you haven’t already (you really only need to do this the get that Steam clients config file).
  2. Open the Steams clients config file (In my case this was located in: /home/<usrename>/.steam/steam/config/config.vdf) and look for the line starting with “CS” (this stands for “Content Server”).
  3. Copy the ENTIRE line beginning with “CS” and make a note of its location in the file.
  4.  Open the PlayonLinux application and right-click on the Steam application and select “Open the application’s directory”.
  5. Go into the “config” directory and open the “config.vdf” file.
  6. Paste the “CS” line that you have just copied into a location similar to that of the config file that it was copied from (for me this was directly under “cip” and “CM”).
  7. Save the file then restart your system. Once your system has rebooted you should be able to install your games using the steam client on the  PlayonLinux application.

“Mirrors Edge” Won’t change resolutions on PlayonLinux Steam

With that ordeal out of the way, I was able to install Mirrors Edge and get it running. However, when I tried to change the resolution It wouldn’t let me. To overcome this i had to do the following:

  1. Open the PlayonLinux application.
  2. Right click the steam client and select “Configure wine”.
  3. Select the graphics tab and check the “Emulate a virtual desktop” option.
  4. select the desktop size (since I wanted a resolution of 1024×768, that’s what I entered).
  5. Open and play the game “Mirrors Edge” using the PlayonLinux Steam application and you should now have the ability to change resolutions within the game in the video settings menu.


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